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Are you tired of playing “play money” and want to experience the real emotions at the casino? Then why not take advantage of the countless types of bonuses that you can use to your advantage? It is about a wide range, depending on the chosen casino, and it is sure that at least one will be to your liking. In the article below it is about the most common types of 3win2u casino bonuses at online casinos, but it’s done generally.




1 Welcome bonus

Classic, very common, the welcome casino bonus helps you when you want to enjoy the action to the fullest. Of course, the amount you have to roll to make the first withdrawal is a bit exaggerated, but you probably want to further increase your earning potential, so the roll will run naturally. It differs from casino to casino, but usually starts at 100% and can reach up to 300% of the amount initially deposited.

Others offer a fixed amount for multiple deposits, so you need to carefully consider what kind of offer suits you.

  1. Free spins

They can go “hand in hand” with an initial bonus in the welcome pack, but does it still matter? It is important that, regardless of their number, they generate enough profit so that they feel when you check the balance. Unfortunately, here you also face the same problem – the turnover, which is usually about 40x.

Some operators offer free and no deposit spins, so you can take advantage of this to create money out of nothing.

  1. Bonus money when creating an account

All you have to do is create an account, and some casinos will give you money from them to experiment with their games. Usually, the amount is not an impressive one, somewhere between 100 dollars and 500 dollars, but it never spoils an extra chance coming from nowhere. After you play, for real money, and see if you like it, you can also deposit from yourself, taking advantage of the welcome bonus that any respected casino offers.

  1. Cashback

Best Online Casinos (2020) - Play Online Casino GamesCasinos do not want to stop everything just for them, so this “cashback” program is ideal for those who play a lot and, especially, for a lot of money. Of course, cashback has a maximum threshold that can be reached, so there is no “business” regarding the strict objective, but it is always nice to recover from the “damage” without having to put money from you.

A certain percentage of the invested amount is returned by the casino, all below a maximum threshold specified in terms and conditions. Nothing too complicated, you just have to enjoy the games.




  1. Holiday surprises

At Easter and Christmas, you will see “surprises” at almost any “provider” of gambling. Whether it’s bonus money, cash, free spins or offers for the next deposit, they come every day. A daily prize for a month during Christmas is the perfect gift for any gambling enthusiast

You will be facing a “boom” of gambling, so it is not easy to choose a single option. They all look good, and that can only be to your advantage. Bookmakers and casinos are “fighting” in offers to attract new customers or keep old ones, so what are you waiting for? Take advantage now, as this online area is “Hot” (there is no hidden ad in any slot).


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